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A DC Engineering subsidiary contributing to the success of our clients through well-designed and built control panels and other instrumentation-based services.

DCE Solutions, a subsidiary of DC Engineering builds industrial control panels including PLC panels, Distributed I/O panels, motor control panels, and custom HMI enclosures.

The company also provides instrumentation procurement and other hardware solutions to contribute to the success of our clients and their projects by helping bridge the gap between instrument design and procurement of the specific model to meet design intent.


Today’s control solutions involve increased complexity and integration challenges

One of the integration challenges that project teams face occurs between the panel provider and the controls engineering team. The plethora of instrumentation and the I/O interface complexities can lead to misunderstandings and time consuming, costly rework. Furthermore, when panel design doesn’t match control system design intent, those issues come to light at a critical point in the project lifecycle – systems start up and commissioning.

DCES Panels are built in light of the control system design,
taking into account operational and life-cycle considerations.

Panel Design & Testing and Control System Design Under One Roof

DCE Solutions was created to help alleviate those issues. The DCES team is closely aligned with DC’s controls engineering team, which enables panels to be built based on control systems design. This alignment between the teams also enables panels to be configured and tested before they arrive on the job site, helping to improve the efficiency of system start-up and commissioning.


DCE Solutions control panels are often be built, configured, and tested in conjunction with DC’s Design and Integration Teams before being shipped to the job site.
This can significantly improve the efficiency of project start-up.

Control Panels built for operationally sound solutions

Whether it’s part of a new construction project or updating an aging or antiquated system, our teams help clients to envision control solutions for today and tomorrow. Our aim is to build systems that take into operational and life-cycle considerations including maintenance, reliability and sustainability (or ‘upgradability’), and we seek to coordinate with the appropriate parties to make this happen.

DCE Solutions is UL 508A certified for building Industrial control panels.